Quality service and reasonable pricing for early season:
splits, re-queening or pollination needs.

This year I will be importing queens from Australia, California and a small number from Hawaii.  All stocks have been selected for honey production, gentleness and hygienic traits. Some background on the following suppliers is outlined:

• Australia:
   - Taylor: Carniolan and Italian queens available. Largest exporter in Australia shipping queens to Japan, Philippines, Middle East and Canada. Ships in 3 hole wooden cages. (Unlimited numbers available).
• California:
   - Olivarez: New World Carniolan (NWC) and Italian (Min Hyg) available. Open mated with VSH drones. Queen performance is usually very reliable. Ships in California mini cages. (Unlimited numbers available). Increased supplier pricing and declining dollar means expensive queens.
• Hawaii:
   - Hawaiian Queen Company: A smaller queen producing operation servicing mainland US and some Canadian buyers (Scandia Honey and AB and MAN Co-ops). Offers Italian and Carniolan hybrids. Have heard good reports on their queens. Only a small number available (1500) in later May. Possible additional numbers in late May and June.

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Important Details